Welcome to Phnom Penh Gas Center. (PPG)

Is the leading gas provider in Cambodia since 1990 and have established its own filling station in the north west of city of Phnom Penh.

We provide products and technical services to our customers and consultation on gas applications, also we supply to medical center, food and beverage preparation, industrial usage, laboratory and household.

Phnom Penh Gas Center, supply products: Oxygen, Nitrogen, High Pressure Nitrogen, Argon, and High Pressure Argon, Mixture Gas, and many more. We also supply accessories for the related fields. 

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Our drivers are fast delivery and have been well trained with safety regulation.

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We consult and provide you with best solutions for your gas application and usage to meet the right standard and safety.

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Help and Support

Any further information regarding technical issue, our team will assist you immediately. Please contact us at working hour. 

If you have inquiry for gas application and usage

Please feel free to contact us at anytime or visit our showroom for more details.